Your Favorite Moments From The 2014 Season

Last month, we asked Cougars fans to share some of their favorite moments from the 2014 season. We’d like to thank everyone for their thoughts and photos through social media as well as by email. The 2014 season was filled with historic record-breaking achievements that were set by the team who ultimately delivered a Midwest League Championship. And off the field, it was a season filled with fan-friendly fun and special memories enjoyed by more than 400,000 fans. These are the stories we love to hear and will inevitably get us through another Chicago winter as we count down to Opening Day on April 9, 2015!

Gregory P. (via Facebook): Had never been to a Cougars game. My son won tickets thru the Elmhurst historical society. Outstanding seats. My son had never gotten a baseball from the field (and we’ve been to a ton of baseball games all over), whether foul ball or being thrown from a player…until this trip. Thanks to Cael Brockmeyer, my sons dream of getting a ball from a player came true (he threw it to us and I actually caught it)! The evening was topped off by your wonderful fireworks! Perfect day for all. My son will never forget.

Gregory Pas's photo.

Michelle B. (via Facebook): Storm trooper selfie!!

Michelle Bell's photo.

Kristine F. (via Facebook): Our family LOVES attending Cougars games! We went to many this year, but the one that really stands out was on July 3rd. The POW/MIA Table of Remembrance was so moving! I cried through the whole pregame ceremony. My mom had a cousin who was MIA in the Korean War so it was especially touching for me. Thank you!

Brigid B. (via Facebook): Getting married in the super suite! Wonderful customer service provided by Paul and a delicious dinner prepared by Chef Jon!

Darcy K. (via Email): It was of course special to me and my husband Mike Knapp (a reporter covering the Cougars for the past 15 years for the Aurora Beacon) because we had a wedding celebration at the Cougars game on July 26. The Cougars Game was the site of one of our first dates in 2011!  

DM (123)

Vicki L. (via Facebook): The Ozzie Homerun walk! I was dead last, but I made it after 3 back surgeries & a total knee replacement!

This one was particularly poignant from a Cougars fan.

I am so glad for this opportunity to thank you, Kane County Cougars. During a summer of financial crisis, no vacations, working 2 jobs just to make ends meet….we could come to a Cougars game for a reasonable fee for a night full of good baseball, people having fun, and even fireworks. 

But to stumble across Thirsty Thursdays was almost too good to be true! We were able to have a couple of beers, a few hotdogs and still stay under 10 bucks! Unbelievable.

Thank you for those Thursdays. For a couple of hours, summer fun became a reality!

ps. As Geneva residents, we were at your very first opening day when our oldest son was just a toddler. Four sons have grown up and we are all planning on returning next season to enjoy a Cougars game. 

And as far as the dream season on the field, perhaps this fan said it best as their experience centered around one of many impressive home wins by the club in 2014:


For my son Evan and I, our favorite moment of the season came on August 19.  It was the last day of summer for my son, as he had his first day of school the following day.  So we were both a little bummed about that as we love the summer and equally love going to Cougars games.  This happened to be our 13th game of the season.  

It was a beautiful night, perfect temps and blue skies to start the evening.  The game itself was slow moving and the Cougars were struggling to find base runners.  They were trailing most of the game.  In the 8th they got two on with two out, and our favorite Cougar of the season came to the plate.  Jake Rogers smashed a shot over the center fielders head to drive in two to give the Cougars the lead.  Burlington pushed back in the 9th but left the tying run on 3rd base with the last out of the game. It was an amazing win and equally amazing to see Jake Rogers get another game winning hit. He’s been our favorite player all summer and he capped a ‘perfect Cougars summer’ for my son and I.  

With the win the Cougars ran their streak to 9 straight victories, and pushed to 37 games over .500.  Was this our last Cougars game of the year?  Nope!!!  We went to five more games including a home playoff game in each of the three series, including the last Cougars home game of the year & playoffs.  If I had the money we would have surely drove to Ohio to see them win it all. I had more fun watching this team than any other in my entire life.  Thank you Cougars!  You gave us a magical season that we will never forget.


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The Kane County Cougars are the Class-A Affiliate of the Arizona Diamondbacks.
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