Fans Choice: Favorite 2012 Moments

Last week, we asked fans to submit photos and stories of their favorite moments from the 2012 season. They came through email as well as social media. They came loud and strong. Needless to say, people had fun this season.

Here are excerpts from a few selections that came our way. Thanks to everyone for their contributions! Was your photo or story mentioned below? E-mail Ozzie at We’ll be mailing you a pair of ticket vouchers for a 2013 game, along with our 2013 game schedule. Thanks for reading!


“We took our son Jack (2 years old) to his first Cougars game. He had such a blast and loved his balloon animal that was made for him!” – Dani H.

This one came from one of our package holders, Chris R….

“We attended our first game on 6/2 against the Peoria Chiefs (my wife and I both grew up in Peoria), and of course, a Kernels batter pops a pitch straight up and back over our seats.  The ball landed within a foot of my wife’s knee — right where my daughter had been standing not 5 minutes earlier.  Thankfully she had moved over to the empty seat on the other side of my wife, so she was completely fine.  As we were busy catching our breath from the near miss, one of the first aid attendants came over to make sure that everyone was OK, and when he noticed my daughter, he went and grabbed a soft Cougars baseball and brought it back to my daughter.  She took it from him, looked down at it for a second and turned towards the field and threw the ball towards the net.  Her arm’s not much yet, so it only went two rows, but did land in a cupholder on the back of the first row of seats.  The fans sitting around us all clapped, and someone was nice enough to hand the ball back to her….which she promptly threw AGAIN!

It was just one of many great nights we spent at Fifth Third Ballpark this past summer, and now that my daughter is a burgeoning young Cougars fan, I’d say it is a pretty safe bet that we’ll be buying a ticket package for 2013.  I didn’t have a picture of my daughter from that night, but here she is sporting her favorite Cougars hat.”

Thanks to some of our Twitter followers for sending us their favorite moments as well. This one came from @AlponiAl…

“My favorite moment? Daniel Mateo’s laser beam rocket HR early in the season OVER the right field deck into a cold, eastern wind.”

Of course, the action was good across the entire Midwest League, not just here at Fifth Third Bank Ballpark this season. One of our readers, Tim C., was just north of us during Labor Day Weekend and saw a fantastic game-ending play at Beloit.

“Next-to-last game of the season. The home team is giving away what had been a 6-1 lead in the top of the ninth. It’s 6-5 and Quad City has runners on second and third with one out, and all statistical probabilities say that means at least 1.6 more runs should score. Hot bouncer to third, the Snappers’ third baseman lunges toward the runner on third, then manages to turn and complete the force play at first base. It was so bang-bang, I wasn’t even convinced he’d tagged the runner until no one argued.

 I’ve been watching baseball for 45 years, and never seen a game end like that. Fantastic.”


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The Kane County Cougars are the Class-A Affiliate of the Arizona Diamondbacks.
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