Love was in the air…

If Valentine’s Day is considered a “Hallmark” holiday, I suppose we made it a “Cougars Hallmark” holiday last month. Not sure if you caught it or not, but we promoted a “Valentine’s Day Dinner with Ozzie” contest in conjunction with the holiday of love.

We asked fans to submit a brief essay on the sweetheart in their lives, and awarded one randomly-selected couple the opportunity to enjoy a private dinner inside a Cougars suite, served by guest waiter for the night, Ozzie T. Cougar.

We were so impressed by the responses, which came from throughout Chicagoland and made for some heart-warming reading among several of our staff.

When I contacted the winner (Brian, along with wife Kristen), there was a subtle sense of excitement in his voice. Sometimes it’s tough for us guys to creatively find a fun way to shower our wife or girlfriend on February 14. I’m hoping that, if anything, it gave Brian and Kristen a chance to unwind and enjoy a great dinner on us.

To make the night even more meaningful and bring it full circle, we found out that Brian and Kristen’s first date was at none other than a Cougars game.

The dinner was prepared by Cougars’ chef extraordinaire Jon Williams, and Ozzie was up to the task. He came close to spilling the salad dressing but aside from that, was a perfect 10.

All in all, we were thrilled with the promotion. It was a creative idea and the response was tremendous. And we brought a couple back to the site of their first date.

Our winning couple from the "Valentine's Day Dinner with Ozzie" contest! With guest waiter for the night, Ozzie T. Cougar.

About Kane County Cougars

The Kane County Cougars are the Class-A Affiliate of the Arizona Diamondbacks.
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