We’re not selling copiers…

I had a nice conversation this morning at the ballpark with a local reporter who was doing a story involving the Cougars for Chicago Parent. He’s someone I’ve known for 5 or so years, is familiar with our organization, and even brings his family to games from time to time. Following our conversation, I had some thoughts about the experience of coming to a Cougars game.

I think it’s an absolute truth that people truly enjoy talking about the Kane County Cougars. And for that, we are so incredibly fortunate. For me personally, there has been countless occasions where a fan, a reporter, anyone for that matter, has struck up a conversation with me about the Cougars. Those conversations can be about a past or present Cougars player, a special promotion at the ballpark, the actual ballpark itself, our affiliation with the Kansas City Royals…you name it.

Heck, it could even be about a future Cougars player. Case in point – I spoke to another reporter this afternoon from a Missouri newspaper. He’s planning on stopping by Fifth Third Bank Ballpark in April to do a “minor league road trip” type of story. And in talking wtih him about getting press credentials and coordinating interviews with players, he mentioned the possibility of Royals’ first round pick Bubba Starling being on the team at that time in April.

I must say that we will have no official Cougars roster in place until spring training closes and the Royals notify us of our Opening Day roster, so anything at this point is speculation. But again, the conversations that we as front office staff have on a regular basis with others are great to have, because our product is exciting, and it interests people in a lot of different ways. Someone once told me that when we talk to people about Cougars baseball, we’re not talking to someone about copy machines. Hopefully that has never offended someone whose profession is, in fact, selling copiers! But I think the analogy, for the most part is a good one…

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– ST



About Kane County Cougars

The Kane County Cougars are the Class-A Affiliate of the Arizona Diamondbacks.
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